Saskatchewan Grain Growers' Association Women's Section, RM of Mankota, n.d.

SK Archives Photo R-A503


Regina Bus Station, 1961

SK Archives Photo R-PS61-263-01


Adolphus Ross and Wiliam Bird on Montreal Lake, August 1919

SK Archives Photo S-B513


Float plane at Pelican Narrows, n.d.

SK Archives Photo R-B2679


Bicycle delivery of milk at the Nipawin creamery, 1941

SK Archives Photo R-A16968


Introduction to the Archives

The Saskatchewan Archives serves as the provincial agency responsible for acquiring preserving and making available records of significance to the history of the Province of Saskatchewan.  The Archives is home to a broad and diverse collection of records which include public documents created by governments ranging from the Territorial period to modern day as well as records from private citizens, businesses and institutions dating from the mid 19th century.

The Saskatchewan Archives Board, officially established in 1945, is a non-partisan agency situated at arms length from government. This unique placement has allowed the Archives to freely acquire records documenting all facets of provincial life. Together these collections provide a unique source of information which highlight Saskatchewan’s rich and varied history for all to experience and enjoy.

News and Events

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What's new at the Saskatchewan Archives?

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Saskatchewan Land Records

SK Archives Photo R-B1668

Some of the most heavily used records at the Saskatchewan Archives relate to land within the province’s boundaries.

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About Our Collection

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The Permanent Collection and
Cool Stuff For Young Historians

Learn about Saskatchewan Archives' private and public records, and find fun and educational activities for young historians.

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SK Archives Photo S-B11922

In the exhibits and features found in this gallery, archival records from the Saskatchewan Archives' Collection have been used to document the history of this province and its people.

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