For Young Historians

The Provincial Archives recognizes that students and educators are keen to use primary sources from archives to support inquiry-based learning in subjects such as history, social studies, language arts, and so on. However, we know that it can be challenging for both students and educators to arrange personal or school trips in order to access archival documents through in-person visits to Provincial Archives.

In response, the Provincial Archives is dedicating time and resources towards making digitized reproductions of primary sources available online in a variety of formats and using different delivery methods.

Learning Packages:  The Archives has been collaborating with an education consultant to prepare learning packages that meet Saskatchewan curriculum requirements and that support the development of 'historical thinking' skills.  These packages contain reproductions of primary sources from the Provincial Archives, along with teaching tools and educator guidelines, ready-made for use in the classroom.

Virtual Exhibits:  The Archives has created a number of virtual exhibits that are available for use by students and educators.  These virtual exhibits are loaded with fascinating primary source documents related to the history of Saskatchewan.  

Digitized Holdings Available Through Our Online Catalogue:  The Provincial Archives is continually adding new digitized records to its online holdings database.  

Heritage Fairs:  The Archives can also help students who are working on Heritage Fair projects with a Saskatchewan theme.