CPR Telegraph Ledger

1885 Canadian Pacific Railway Telegraph Book: Online Exhibition

The Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan is pleased to highlight this important record from its holdings that documents the final months of the 1885 North-West Resistance. This was one of the most important events to occur in the province and has had a lasting impact upon Metis and Indigenous relations for all of Canada.

PAS_R_B741 Edgar Dewdney, Piapot and troops drawn up, 1885.

Click on each of the sections below to learn more about this conflict and to read excerpts from telegrams sent to and from the war front featured in this ledger.


The Métis Perspective and Louis Riel

The North-West Resistance

Battle of Fish Creek (April 24)

Cut Knife Hill (May 2)

Battle of Batoche (May 9 to 12)

Frenchman’s Butte (May 28) and Steele Narrows (June 3)

Supplies, Casualties, and Personal Communications

Diary of Louis Riel

Surrender of the Resistance Forces and the Trial of Louis Riel

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