The Spanish Flu in Saskatchewan - Archival Collections

Archival Collections

There are many other collections in the archives that have information about the Spanish Flu. These collections include personal records such as diaries, letters, and photographs that have been donated to the archives. 

This letter was sent by Ruth Woodworth in Regina to her mother in Bear River, Nova Scotia, in October 1918. She tells her mother not to worry if she doesn’t send any letters for a while because she’s going into seclusion after having the flu and taking care of a friend who also had it.












Anderson family fonds - Letter by Ruth Anderson (Nee Woodworth) F 670

Funeral procession at the University of Saskatchewan for William Hamilton who died of the flu -  S-B11785


Charles Hagberg and his first wife Lempi who died from the Spanish Flu in 1918 – R-A24836


Raymond Denis and his wife Jeanne (nee Hubert), with their three children Maurice, Raymonde and Marcelle. 
died in the flu epidemic. R-A27075



Gladys Matheson fonds

Gladys Matheson was a nursing sister for the Canadian Army Medical Corps. She was from Onion Lake and served overseas during the First World War. She was a nurse in France during the time of the Spanish Flu epidemic and her diary gives insight into how the epidemic affected the soldiers. Click on the thumbnail image beside the handwritten diary for a typewritten version.





Gladys Matheson diaries - R-E1395


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