The Spanish Flu in Saskatchewan - Government Records

Government Records

The Provincial Archives is the repository for the records of the Government of Saskatchewan. These records show how the government makes decisions, passes laws, and provides services for the public. This section highlights a few examples of how the government responded to and documented the flu in 1918.

This annual report from the Department of Health shows graphs charting how the monthly death rate dramatically increased as the flu spread, particularly in November 1918.

Dept. of Health Annual Reports 1917-1922


Saskatchewan Gazette 1918



This excerpt from the Saskatchewan Gazette shows that the government responded to the flu by changing the Public Health Act. The changes allowed local health boards to restrict public gatherings and made violating the act punishable with fines of up to $50 dollars. Further regulations were enacted around the storage, transportation and handling practices for dead bodies. The government also lifted alcohol prohibition in November 1918 to assist with the treatment of the flu.


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