The Spanish Flu in Saskatchewan - Newspaper Ads


In addition to articles about the Spanish Flu, newspapers featured many advertisements regarding the flu. Some discuss the symptoms of the flu while others feature products introduced to aid in the cure and prevention of the disease. Other ads show how the flu or quarantines impacted the usual services of businesses.


An ad from Jolly’s Cash Drug Store in Regina for a Cutter’s Respiratory Vaccine R-A 1890 (1)



An ad for Dr. Chase’s Menthol Bag to treat the flu  R-A1890 (2) 


An advertisement for War Bonds from the Regina Leader November 11, 1918 


An article discussing the “Flu Veil” as a fashion and disease prevention item, Regina Leader November 9, 1918


An advertisement from the Binning’s store in Moose Jaw. Many stores staggered or adjusted their hours during the 
epidemic to reduce the number of people the public might come into contact with.
Moose Jaw Daily News  October 24, 1918.


An ad from Joyner’s store in Moose Jaw indicates their store is being specially
disinfected to prevent the spread of the flu.
Moose Jaw 
Daily News October 15, 1918


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