Possible Heritage Fair Topics

The topics listed on this page are suggestions for some Saskatchewan history themes for which primary source evidence is available at Saskatchewan Archives.  Primary sources could include photographs, oral histories, letters, diaries, blueprints and architectural drawings, maps, editorial cartoons, reminiscences, film and video, government records, homestead files, posters, souvenir artefacts, minutes of meetings of organizations, etc.

Please remember that these are only a few suggestions; contact us if you want to find archival sources about any other Saskatchewan topic!

  • Local history of your community
  • Built heritage history of a particular building in your community (ie. a school, church, water tower, house)
  • Family history: can be focused on a particular individual in the family, or a whole branch of the family
  • Transportation in Saskatchewan:  ferries, railways, steamboats, farm-related vehicles
  • Experiences of settlers in Saskatchewan: pioneer life
  • Experiences of settlers in Saskatchewan:  immigration literature
  • Homesteading in Saskatchewan
  • Prairie housing: sod houses, farm houses, etc.
  • Famous weather events – ie. the 1912 Regina Cyclone
  • History of a political or world event through editorial cartoons:  ie. Saskatchewan Becomes a Province; Medicare; Prohibition; Women’s suffrage, the Cold War, etc.
  • Significant Saskatchewan Events, like becoming a province in 1905
  • History of an organization that you belongs to, ie. Boy Scouts or Girl Guides.
  • History of a local or family business
  • History of a local sports team, including women’s sports teams
  • Aviation history in Saskatchewan
  • British Royal Visits
  • Life and work of a Saskatchewan-based photographer like Theodore Charmbury, or a Saskatchewan based film-maker like Dick Bird.
  • Prohibition
  • Life and work of a local figure – ie. Edouard Beaupre, the Willow Bunch Giant; Ethel Catherwood


PAS Photo S-B8789

Students from Asquith School, Room II, and their first-prize banner from the Asquith field day, ca. 1940.
The banner reads "There'll Always Be An England."