News and Events at the Provincial Archives

JUNE 21, 2017

In honour of National Aboriginal Day on June 21, 2017, the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan is pleased to recognize and celebrate the unique heritage, diverse cultures, and outstanding contributions of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples.  

Mrs. Angela Soloman, age 75 years and of Chipewyan heritage,
making birch bark baskets in Patuanak, Saskatchewan, July 1961. 
Mrs. Soloman learned from her mother how to make these baskets,
as well as moccasins decorated with porcupine quills.
PAS Photos S-B5957 (PS-61-321-37)

The Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan’s Permanent Collection includes rich resources related to the Indigenous Peoples of Canada, reflecting a variety of record types, including photographs, oral history recordings, maps,  music, and textual records such as correspondence, manuscripts, publications, reports, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, land records and government documents.  The records in the Archives document Indigenous traditional knowledge, languages, cultural practices, spirituality, economies, genealogy, land entitlement, political organization, and relationships with governments at all levels.

International Archives Day

In celebration of International Archives day, June 9th, 2017, the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan is pleased to announce two new online features for its website. The 1885 CPR Telegraph Ledger Exhibit features telegrams to and from the warfront during the Riel Resistance in 1885. This important conflict shaped indigenous relations in Canada for many years to come. As well the Archives has digitized and made available its historical newspaper collection from 1878 until 1900. This adds to the newspapers from the Great War period already available online.

To view the 1885 CPR Telegraph Ledger Exhibit please visit

To view the Saskatchewan Historical Newspapers Online, please visit

The Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan

invites you to view the 1917 chapter of our video series,

‘From the Prairies to the Trenches: Saskatchewan and the First World War’

Please visit our YouTube channel, Saskatchewan Archives.


Guided learning packages related to Saskatchewan and the Great War,

including the enfranchisement of the women of Saskatchewan in 1916:

“Why Were Prairie Women Leaders In The Canadian Women’s Suffrage Movement?”



“The 46th Battalion ‘Suicide Battalion’ And Canada’s Role In World War One”



Students, teachers and history buffs alike are encouraged

to delve into these fascinating topics from a historical thinking perspective.

Natural History: Art at the Provincial Archives

Government House, 4607 Dewdney Avenue
April 4 through June 25, 2017

The Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan has a rich collection of artwork that is scattered throughout its holdings.  In celebration of the natural beauty of this province that awakens in spring and continues to flourish through the summer, we have reproduced for exhibition selected works highlighting Saskatchewan’s flora and fauna, which were created by artists whose records are now part of the Archives’ Permanent Collection.

The artists featured are Dick Bird, William Argan, Axel C. Petersen, and Robert David Symons, whose “American Wood Warbler” published in Hours and the Birds (1967) appears below. 


The Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan is pleased to announce the publication of the Fall/Winter 2016 issue of its magazine, Saskatchewan HistoryThis beautiful full-colour issue is filled with incredible photographs and compelling tales about the Saskatchewan experience.

Articles in this issue explore:

  • Production of “Our Gang” films using local children in Saskatoon and Regina;
  • Letters of a World War Two pilot officer serving in the RAF 242 (Canadian) Squadron;
  • Early settlement in the Theodore area as influenced by investor Richard Seeman;
  • Student perspectives at the University of Saskatchewan about the Great War.

To acquire copies of this issue call 306-933-5832, or enquire at one of the Archives’ offices in Saskatoon or Regina.