Curriculum & Historical Thinking Connections

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CURRICULUM: Saskatchewan Grade 4 Social Studies Outcome Focus:

DR4.1 Correlate the impact of the land on the lifestyles and settlement patterns of the people of Saskatchewan.

e,  Identify the impact of geography on the architecture of Saskatchewan, including how styles, materials, and cultural traditions have been affected by interaction with the land and other people in the province.


Evidence – How do we know what we know about the past?
Guidepost 1: History is interpretation based on inferences made from primary sources. Primary sources can be accounts but they can also be traces, relics or records.

Cause and Consequence – Why do events happen and what are their impacts?
Guidepost 3: Events result from the interplay of two types of factors: 1. historical actors who are people (individuals or groups) who take actions that cause historical events and 2. the social, political, economic, environmental and cultural conditions within which the actors operate.