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T..C. Douglas,1944
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Continuity and Change"
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History 30 curriculum: Unit 3 pages 340-348


Continuity and Change:  How can we make sense of the complex flows of history?

Review the criteria for understanding and working with continuity and change.

Guidepost 1:  Continuity and change exist together. Expressing chronology of events helps to reveal this.

Guidepost 2:  The varying pace and direction of change, as well as turning points, can be identified.

Guidepost 3:  Progress and decline are recognized, understanding that progress for one may be decline for another.

Guidepost 4:  Periodization helps us organize our thinking about continuity and change.

Adapted from The Big Six Historical Thinking Concepts by Peter Seixas and Tom Morton (Toronto:  Nelson Education, 2013)