Curriculum & Historical Thinking Connections

Coal miners at mouth of small mine near Estevan, 1914
PAS Photo R-A5996-2

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"Estevan Riot 1931:
Weighing the Causes"

Learning Package lesson plan


History 30 curriculum : Unit 3 pages 328-344

Historical Thinking Concepts

Cause and Consequence: Why do events happen, and what are their impacts?

Guidepost 1: Change happens due to multiple causes and results in multiple consequences. These causes and consequences are interrelated and vary in duration.

Guidepost 2: The causes that lead to a particular historical event vary in their influence. Some are more important than others.

Guidepost 3 & 4: There is an interplay of historical actors taking action to cause events and the social context within which the actors operate that impact analysis of cause and consequences of an event.

Guidepost 5: The events of history are not inevitable. Changing an action or condition and the event might have turned out differently.

Adapted from The Big Six Historical Thinking Concepts by Peter Seixas and Tom Morton (Toronto: Nelson Education, 2013.)