CPR Telegraph Ledger - Battle of Batoche (May 9 to 12)

Battle of Batoche (May 9 to 12)


  • Middleton’s forces began attacking the Métis forces at Batoche on May 9. Though Middleton had outfitted a steamer, the Northcote, as a gunship, the Métis incapacitated it by lowering a ferry cable.
  • There was intense fighting on May 9, 10, and 11. Middleton’s troops did not make any headway against the entrenched Métis, and retreated each evening.
  • On the afternoon of May 12, after a failed coordinated morning attack, two of Middleton’s colonels led a charge which overwhelmed the Métis, and the battle concluded. Middleton reported that 51 rebels were killed, though this number is disputed. Eight of Middleton’s men were killed. Several days later on May 15, Louis Riel surrendered. Gabriel Dumont fled to Montana.

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