CPR Telegraph Ledger - Frenchman's Butte (May 28)

Frenchman's Butte (May 28) & Steele Narrows (June 3)


  • Major-General Thomas Bland Strange and the Alberta Field Force, a third column of the Canadian militia, having left Edmonton on May 14 fought with Big Bear and the Frog Lake Cree at Frenchman’s Butte, eighteen kilometers northwest of Fort Pitt on May 28. The Cree had a stronger position, and both sides retreated after several hours of long range shooting.
  • On June 3, the final brief skirmish of the Resistance took place near Loon Lake (now called Steele Narrows) between men of the North-West Mounted Police known as Steele’s Scouts, under Superintendent Sam Steele, and retreating followers of Chief Big Bear. Four First Nations warriors were killed. None of Steele’s men died.

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