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April 24th, 1885, Fish Creek 25 miles North of Clarks Crossing

To: Hon. A. H. Caron, Ottawa
From: Fred Middleton Major General

Commanding North West Field Force

“Had an affair with Rebels at this spot on each bank of River. My advanced scouts were fired upon from a bluff but we managed to hold our own until the main body arrived when I took measures to repel the attack which was done about two thirty. We have captured a lot of their ponies and have three or four of  them.  Apparently Indians and Half Breeds in the corner of a bluff who have done a good deal of mischief being evidently their best shots and as I am unwilling to lose more men in trying to take them I have surrounded the bluff and shall wait until they have expended their ammunition to take them. Lord Melgund joined me as soon as he could from the other side with the 10th Royals and the Winnipeg half battery but the affair was over as the most part of the left column is thus across and as it is a work of difficulty crossing I have ordered the rest to follow and shall march tomorrow united on Batouche[sp]- The troops behaved very well in this their first affair but owing to their  inexperience the killed and wounded are I regret to say too numerous.

There are killed as follows: Private Hutchinson No 1 Company; Private Ferguson No 1 Company
Private W Ennis No4  - All of the 90th right. Gunner Demmonnily of A Battery wounded
Captain Clarke and Lieutenant  Swinford 9th Reg’t  seriously –. Capt Wise Aid and Lt Donert Aid one in the leg the other  in the arm -  Mounted Infantry Davey Baker + Lt Bruce very seriously; Capt Gaindner two wounds not very serious; C. T. King H.B Perrin, D. Langford R. H. Dunn A. Battery gunnery Assistant gunner Emry acting; Bombardier Taylor; Sergt Major Mawhinney driver Harrison P.M. Wilson; E.G. Manuell; Private Carnsworth very seriously; Walter Woodman C School of Infantry; Arthur Watson very serious; R. H. Dunn H. Jones Color Sergeant; R. Cunning R. Jones The 9th Regiment - Corporal Lethbridge; C. Company Private Kemp A Company very serious; Corporal B.D. Code C Co.; Private Herlop E Co.; Private Jarris A Co.; Private A Blackwood C Co. 
Private Canniff, C Co.; Private WW Mathews A Co.; Private Lovell A Co.

I do not know what  the loss of the enemy  was but I doubt not was pretty severe though from their great advantage of position and mode of fighting it might well be less than ours - I shall proceed tomorrow after burying dead and sending the wounded back to Clarks Crossing where I hope to have the field hospital by Monday next. By moving on this side I lose the telegraph but I shall keep up communication by Clarks Crossing if possible. I regret very much the wounding of my two  aids. Captain Wise’s horse was shot previous to his being wounded I myself receiving a ball through my fur cap”