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May 5, 1885, Battleford

To:  The Globe, Toronto; Free Press, Winnipeg
From: Baillie

“Colonel Otter 300 troops started to Poundmaker’s reserve Friday afternoon drove all night and at 5:16 Saturday am began seven hour engagement with Indians.  Eight of our men killed 13 wounded. Attack was begun Indians looked as if trap had been set for us into which we ran.  Enemy was very strong estimated at 600, fought fiercely from Cover while we were comparatively open to their fire fighting from the brow of a hill over a Coulee. Few minutes after final shot was fired we appeared to be completely surrounded. Fifty men were sent back to clear the river we had just passed through a deep gulley thickly wooded and a swift stream running over one side. The men sent back made brave dash and accomplished their object thus lessening danger. Situation fighting which was all skirmishing was Over large and uneven stretch of Country and our men were working at great disadvantage but they were struck to it like heroes with bullets whisking in on them from almost every direction never flinched For an instant every Corps continued steady on the aggressive and  by ten o’clock enemy was almost silenced they resumed again shortly and fighting was again heavy artillery which seven pounders and the Gatling gun did good work repeated by firing enemy from their cover and at eleven o’clock enemy again almost completely silenced Colonel Otter had already given orders to withdraw from position of such disadvantage Indians observing this endeavour to cut off retreat of men  our  troops fought their way out inch by inch the Front always to enemy. No praise sufficient describe bravery of our officers and men every one showed himself a hero. Colonel Otter with staff was in every part of field and his orders were cool and decided as in a sham battle. Men badly [shot?] up as before withdrawal began our force comprised seventy five mounted Police and scouts, B Battery Ottawa Guard. C Company Infantry School, The Queens own rifles, and Battleford Rifles it is thought from thirty to sixty enemy were killed. Column returned to Battleford same night.  Wounded all doing well get list of killed and wounded from associated press”