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May 12, 1885. 442 [Batoche House?] via Clarks Crossing

To: Honourable A P Caron. Ottawa
From: [Major General Frederick Middleton]

“Have just made a general attack and carried the whole settlement. The men behaved splendidly Rebels [expected?] fight sorry to say have not got Riel. While I was reconnoitering this am. W.M. Ashly one of prisoners galloped up with flag of truce and handed me letter from Riel saying – “ -“ If you massacre our families I shall massacre The prisoners  I sent answer that if he would put his women and children in one place and let me know where it was not a shot should be fired on them I then returned to camp. I pushed on my advanced parties who were heavy fired on I so pressed on until I saw my chance and ordered a general advance. The men responded nobly splendidly led by their officers and Colonel Straubenzie draw the enemy out of rifle pits. After rifle pits, forced their way across the plain seized the houses and we are now masters of the place and most my force will bivouac there right in the heat of action. Mr Ashley came back with another missive from Riel as follows –“ General your prompt answer to my note shows that I was right in mention to you the Cause of humanity we will gather our families in one place and as soon as done we will let you know  I have etc signed Louis David Riel -? On the envelope he had written as follows –“ I do not like war and if you do not retreat prefer an interview the question remaining the same concerning the prisoners –“ our losses I am afraid heavy but not as heavy as might be expected as yet I find it is five killed and ten wounded Killed Capt French Commanding scouts; lieutenant Fitch Grenadiers; Captain Brown Boulton scout NH Kippen surveyor; scout Private Wheeler 90th Wounded Major Dawson 10th slightly; sergeant Major Watson 90th Slight in ankle; sergeant Jakes 90th in hand; private Young 90th flesh wound in thigh; private H Cook 10th shot in arm; Bugler M. Goughan 10th In finger; private G Barber slight wound in head; Private JW Quigley flesh wound in arm; Private J Marshall 10th flesh wound in Calf; private H. Wilson 10th slight across back; private Barton Midland thigh and Groin seriously; Corporal Hallwell Midland face and arm [straight?] Lt Hallwell x”