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Welcome to the Saskatchewan Settlement Experience
farmer and plow
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Welcome to the Saskatchewan Settlement Experience

The provincial motto “From Many Peoples, Strength” captures the essence of what occurred in Saskatchewan between 1870 and 1930. People from around the world arrived with a sense of optimism to develop a prosperous agricultural society on land that is now known as Saskatchewan. With determination, vision, and cooperation the pioneer experience would transform the ‘last best west’ into the ‘world’s granary’. Through treaties the Aboriginal peoples and the land they knew would give way to homesteaders, farmers, railway builders, towns and cities.

In the 21st Century Saskatchewan and the agricultural industry have changed, but the settlement experiences between 1870 and 1930 had a lasting impact. The people’s strength of spirit, connection to the land, and pride in their heritage created a unique society which is urban, but has its roots in a rural past.

As you examine the photographs, textual documents, audio, and video files that bring the settlement experience in Saskatchewan to life, keep in mind who we are now and where we came from.

Enjoy the journey and the experiences of Saskatchewan’s settlers.

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