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  • Chronologically – these drop down menus focus on the historical events that affected the settlement of Saskatchewan.
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About the Banner Image

The photograph at the top of the website was chosen to represent the settlement experience in Saskatchewan.  The families in the photograph immigrated to the Borden district of Saskatchewan shortly after the picture was taken in 1901. Refer to #R-B9408 for more information.   Looking for a new home and a new life in Saskatchewan, these English Quaker families were also looking for a society which would welcome them without prejudice.  They were a perfect example of the people who would establish Saskatchewan as one of the first multicultural areas in Canada.

One of the children is of particular interest since the website includes audio recording of interviews she did in 1978, 71 years after she immigrated to Saskatchewan.  Mary McCheane, the subject of the interviews, is the young girl standing in the middle of the photograph wearing the white smock.  Her father, Nathan Saunders, is standing to her left.  Mary was 10 years old when this picture was taken in 1901.  Like many immigrants, her father travelled ahead to Saskatchewan in 1904 and the rest of family, including Mary, followed in 1907.  The interviews with Mary, at age 87, are on audio tapes A-1596-1 and A-1596-2.  She explains why her father came to Saskatchewan and what life was like for them on the homestead.  As a child about to immigrate to Saskatchewan from England and as a pioneer telling her story, Mary McCheane’s life mirrors the settlement experience in Saskatchewan.


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