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1870-1880 - North West Mounted Police
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"In a romanticized picture, the Mounties got their man in the badlands."

"While the picture paints a rather romantic image of the Mounties, it does represent how law and order came to the prairies before the settlers. Following the Cypress Hills Massacre in 1873, the Canadian government acted quickly to establish a police force and bring an end to any lawless behaviour that may restrict the flow of settlers. Beginning in 1874 they marched West and soon established themselves in posts across the prairies."

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Image Preview R-B3810 Drawing 1 - "In a romanticized picture, the Mounties got their man in the badlands."
Image Preview R-B3258 Drawing 2 - The march West was not easy for the Mounties as they travelled through areas such as the Dirt Hills south of Moose Jaw.
Image Preview R-B3265 Drawing 3 - The buffalo hunt was an important way to supply the expedition with fresh meat.
Image Preview R-B3250 Drawing 4 - Lancers such as this NWMP recruit were soon a symbol of law and order on the prairies.
Image Preview R-A5077 Drawing 5 - "A NWMP officer stops a whisky smuggler, symbolizing the change they brought to the West."
Image Preview R-B626 Photograph 6 - Portrait of James Walsh.
Image Preview R-A22953 Photograph 7 - The NWMP camp near the Whitemud (Frenchman) river.
Image Preview R-A8702 Photograph 8 - A NWMP camp in the Cypress Hills.
Image Preview R-A461 Photograph 9 - By 1878 the NWMP had established Fort Walsh in the Cypress Hills and began the process of bringing law and order to the
Image Preview R-A3947 Photograph 10 - Officers of the NWMP seated outside a building in Fort Walsh.
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