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1880-1890 - North-west Rebellion
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A portrait of Louis Riel.

"As the political leader of the Métis people around Batoche, Riel would actively petition the government of Prime Minister Macdonald on behalf of the Métis. With the Métis concerned about land ownership and the Cree facing starvation, the unrest was not an encouraging signal to prospective homesteaders. When all efforts by Riel to have the issues addressed met with silence, he declared a provisional government and the government responded with troops."

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Louis Riel; Metis

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Image Preview R-A2872-1 Photograph 01 - "A portrait of Poundmaker, the Cree chief of Cut Knife reserve near Battleford. "
Image Preview R-A12850 Photograph 02 - "A portrait of Big Bear, a Cree chief from the Frog Lake area. "
Image Preview R-A22966-2 Photograph 03 - An Assiniboine camp between the Whitemud and Milk rivers.
Image Preview S-B4277 Photograph 04 - A portrait of Gabriel Dumont.
Image Preview R-A5680 Photograph 05 - A portrait of Louis Riel.
Image Preview Map_1 Map 06 - The routes the militia took to the major trouble spots. Battle sites are also indicated.
Image Preview R-B12597 Photograph 07 - The NWMP garrison at Fort Battleford.
Image Preview R-A5048 Photograph 08 - An interior view of the stockade at Fort Battleford during the rebellion.
Image Preview Newspaper PDF Document 09 - The 'siege of Battleford' as reported in the Saskatchewan Herald.
Image Preview R-A1083 Photograph 10 - The Mounted Police post at Fort Pitt.
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