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1890-1900 - Advertising Campaign
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ca 1912

A group of Londoners examine a window display advertising farms in Saskatchewan.

Advertising was the key to attracting immigrants to Saskatchewan and various methods were used. In this photo the curious onlookers are examining a working model of a grain elevator in the window of the Canadian Emigration Office. Sifton's efforts would be rewarded by a flood of homesteaders taking up land in Saskatchewan and adding to the country's prosperity.

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Immigration; Advertising

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Image Preview R-A259 Photograph 01 - A group of Londoners examine a window display advertising farms in Saskatchewan.
Image Preview R-A5978 Photograph 02 - The Canadian grain exhibit at the Franco-British exhibition in London.
Image Preview R-A6574 Photograph 03 - Contemporary postcards painted a somewhat idyllic vision of farming in Saskatchewan.
Image Preview R-A14157 Photograph 04 - The caption on the back of this postcard read "There is no greater grain growing district in the world than the three pr
Image Preview G86.3 PDF Document 05 - “Prosperity follows settlement in Western Canada” - a promotional brochure from the Canadian Department of the Inter
Image Preview R-A15567 Photograph 06 - A railway car used a biblical message to encourage immigration to the West.
Image Preview R-A21517-2 Drawing 07 - By showing Laurier on his way to the West even the cartoonists were trying to attract immigrants from Quebec.
Image Preview R-B11320a Photograph 08 - A railway poster attracting prospective homesteaders from Ontario with low fares.
Image Preview R-B3278 Photograph 09 - A trainload of settlers from South Dakota heading for the Canadian prairies.
Image Preview R-B3761 Photograph 10 - "A livestock exhibition in Buffalo, New York was used to advertise free land in the Canadian West."
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