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1890-1900 - Laurier and Sifton
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"Sir Wilfrid Laurier - Prime Minister of Canada, 1896-1911"

"While the groundwork had been laid by Macdonald and the National Policy, it would be Laurier who would put the dream of western settlement into practice. Clifford Sifton, the Minister of the Interior, would launch a massive advertising campaign to attract setters from all areas of Europe and the United States. As the homesteaders flooded into Saskatchewan, eastern industry boomed and Canada was on its way to fulfilling Laurier's prediction that the twentieth century would be Canada's century. "

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Sir Wilfrid Laurier

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Image Preview R-B1059 Photograph 01 - "Sir Wilfrid Laurier - Prime Minister of Canada, 1896-1911"
Image Preview R-A4437 Photograph 02 - Laurier being greeted beside his railway car in Prince Albert.
Image Preview R-A25842 Map 03 - The new rail line from Regina to Prince Albert.
Image Preview R-B344 Photograph 04 - A group of people from Regina welcome the inauguration of the Qu'Appelle Long Lake and Saskatchewan Railway.
Image Preview R-B3676 Photograph 05 - The first train into Prince Albert.
Image Preview R-B1863 Photograph 06 - "Clifford Sifton - Minister of the Interior, 1896-1905"
Image Preview R-A259 Photograph 07 - A group of Londoners examine a window display advertising farms in Saskatchewan.
Image Preview R-A25855 Photograph 08 - "Off to Canada, immigrants crowd the ships deck."
Image Preview R-A14586 Photograph 09 - Arriving at the homestead in a covered wagon.
Image Preview R-B3275-2 Photograph 10 - "A 'colonist' car made up for sleeping. Early rail travel for the settlers was comfortable, but not elaborate."
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