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1900-1910 - Railway Expansion
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The development of railways: 1882 - 1931

"Between 1870 and 1930 the network of rail lines in the province expanded rapidly. Virtually every community in Saskatchewan owed its existence to the railway. Before automobiles and good highways, trains were the main method of travel between communities. The larger towns and cities had several trains a day heading out in all directions to transport people and freight."

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Image Courtesy of the Atlas of Saskatchewan Project - Millennium Edition. cUniversity of Saskatchewan 1999.
Rail Lines

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Image Preview pg50 Map 01 - The development of railways: 1882 - 1931
Image Preview A871 Map 02 - Railway map of Saskatchewan.
Image Preview Reference PDF Document 03 - An act incorporating the Canadian Northern Saskatchewan Railway.
Image Preview S-B3971 Photograph 04 - Surveying the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway line between Melville and Yorkton.
Image Preview R-B1787 Photograph 05 - The first step in laying new rail lines was to build of a road bed. Here a steam-shovel is used for that purpose along
Image Preview R-A8809-31 Photograph 06 - Laying track on a new line near Raymore.
Image Preview R-B2757-1 Photograph 07 - Expanding the rail network in the Lloydminster area.
Image Preview R-A6590-1 Photograph 08 - "Northeast of Regina, a Grand Trunk Pacific rail crew lays ties in front of a track laying machine. "
Image Preview R-A6590-2 Photograph 09 - Working on the rail along the new Grand Trunk Pacific line northeast of Regina.
Image Preview R-A21929-5 Photograph 10 - Expanding the rail network across the prairie.
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