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1910-1920 - World war i
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ca 1916

The Home Front in Saskatchewan also saw Boy Scouts encouraging people to buy Victory Bonds.

World War I had a major impact on Saskatchewan. Seasonal workers were among the first in Saskatchewan to volunteer and as the war dragged on there was a shortage of labour. At the same time there was an increased demand for more grain which caused a greater reliance on intensive agricultural practices. As the casualty rate soared most communities felt the loss of their young men. During the war the home front was very active in raising funds to support the soldiers and their families.

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Great War; boy Scouts; Victory Bonds; Civilian Support

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Image Preview R-B10298-1 Photograph 01 - The front page of 'The Morning Leader' let Regina residents know that war had been declared - August, 1914.
Image Preview R-A19425 Photograph 02 - Saskatchewan newspapers, such as the 'Saskatchewan Herald' in Battleford, brought news about local boys who were at the
Image Preview R-A20350 Photograph 03 - Eager Saskatchewan recruits eating a meal during training.
Image Preview R-A23448 Photograph 04 - The 128th Battalion from Moose Jaw prepares to leave for the front.
Image Preview A-1059 Audio 05 - An interview with Ernie (Jinx) Jenner.
Image Preview S-B8290 Photograph 06 - Volunteers from Watrous are bid farewell at the railway station.
Image Preview R-B7116 Photograph 07 - "The ""Red Saskatchewanians"" on the front line at Passchendale."
Image Preview R-B7117 Photograph 08 - "Major Pyman of the ""Red Saskatchewanians"" questions a prisoner on the front line."
Image Preview R-A19417 Photograph 09 - The federal Department of Agriculture placed this article in The Saskatchewan Farmer to encourage farmers to grow more g
Image Preview R-B8132 Photograph 10 - The Home Front in Saskatchewan also saw Boy Scouts encouraging people to buy Victory Bonds.
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