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1920-1930 - Prosperity
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Prosperity on the farm.

"By the 1920s the granting of homesteads had successfully attracted nearly 1 million people to the province. The railways had expanded to service the many new communities and other natural resources were being developed. The people, the farms, the railways, and the natural resources all combined to create several prosperous years between 1920 and 1930. By the 1920s prosperity and growth looked to be assured."

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Hedley Saville
"The photographer's son, as a small boy, posed for this picture of stooked wheat. "
Stooks and Stooking; Children;

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Image Preview R-1109 File no.46 Map 01 - A map of Saskatchewan in the 1920s.
Image Preview R-A19540 Photograph 02 - These children in the Gravelbourg district gave an indication to how good the crop was.
Image Preview R-A23877-1 Photograph 03 - Prosperity on the farm.
Image Preview R-A17495 Photograph 04 - Through hard work many homesteaders did achieve the idyllic images that were used as advertisements to first attract the
Image Preview R-B4507-1 Photograph 05 - A successful farm in the Bradwell district.
Image Preview R-B8857 Photograph 06 - "The Broder office building, on the corner of 11th Ave. and Rose Street in Regina, indicated a growing and prosperous ci
Image Preview R-B280-5 Photograph 07 - New homes under construction in Swift Current illustrate the prosperity of the 1920s.
Image Preview R-B10900-2 Photograph 08 - In towns across the province large homes, such as this one in Indian Head, reflected the prosperity of the province.
Image Preview R-B7327 Photograph 09 - Automobiles were quickly adopted by the people of Saskatchewan and became a symbol for the prosperity of the 1920s’.
Image Preview R-1109 File 51 PDF Document 10 - Pillars of Western Canada
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