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Agriculture - Animal Power
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Plowing with a team of four oxen.

"During the early years of settlement, between 1870 and 1930, it was animals that supplied most of the power for the homesteader. Oxen, horses, and mules were all employed for a wide variety of farming operations. Whether singly or in large teams, animals were an important part of the farming experience. "

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Oxen; Plowing; Scandinavians;

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Image Preview R-A10404 Photograph 1 - Plowing with a team of four oxen.
Image Preview R-A8232-1 Photograph 2 - Walking plows were used behind teams of oxen.
Image Preview R-A4672 Photograph 3 - "A horse, with rider, and two oxen were used to pull this reaper during harvest."
Image Preview R-B1074 Photograph 4 - "Horses were used to power several different pieces of equipment, such as this sweeper in a threshing outfit."
Image Preview R-A4959 Photograph 5 - "Horses, at work on a threshing site, pulled wagons and buggies in addition to powering the separator."
Image Preview R-A3525 Photograph 6 - "In this winter scene, horses were used in a treadmill to provide power for the threshing outfit."
Image Preview R-A8809-3 Photograph 7 - A single-furrow walking plow used with a team of horses.
Image Preview R-B10925 Photograph 8 - A horse-drawn mowing machine at work in a hay field on the Indian Head Experimental farm.
Image Preview R-A7496 Photograph 9 - A team of four horses pulling a disker.
Image Preview R-A8599-3 Photograph 10 - Fifteen horses were harnessed to pull this breaking plow.
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