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Agriculture - Better Farming Trains
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R-260 I.34
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Poster advertising the 1915 Better Farming Train and stops it was going to make.

With such a scattered rural population there was need for an efficient system to provide homesteaders with information about new agricultural techniques that could improve production. The idea of Better Farming Trains was selected since virtually every settler was close to a railway station. Starting in 1915, the trains traveled throughout the province during early June. By stopping in two communities per day, the trains allowed tens of thousands of farmers to get the latest information on agricultural research and how it could assist them.

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R-260 I.34
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Better Farming Train

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Image Preview R-260 I.34 Photograph 1 - Poster advertising the 1915 Better Farming Train and stops it was going to make.
Image Preview R-A135-6 Photograph 2 - A Better Farming Train at a stop in rural Saskatchewan.
Image Preview R-A135-4 Photograph 3 - Each of the railcars was equipped to handle a specific display.
Image Preview S-B6206 Photograph 4 - The trains were very popular and crowds always gathered to learn about the latest agricultural developments.
Image Preview R-A776-1 Photograph 5 - "After each stop the train moved onto another town, in this case by going through the Qu'Appelle valley."
Image Preview S-B6210 Photograph 6 - People came from some distances to take in the displays and demonstrations.
Image Preview R-A136-6 Photograph 7 - Watching the picture show.
Image Preview S-B6203 Photograph 8 - Watching the picture show.
Image Preview R-A136-7 Photograph 9 - The poultry car.
Image Preview R-A136-8 Photograph 10 - An exhibit of grain varieties.
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