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Agriculture - Breaking the Land
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Plowing the first furrow.

The turning of the prairie sod was the first step in making the grasslands into the 'bread basket of the world'. Between 1870 and 1930 virtually all of the native grasslands would see the soil opened up and planted to wheat and other crops. This act of breaking the land symbolized the rapid change that occurred in Saskatchewan.

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Breaking of Land; Plows;

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Image Preview R-A496 Photograph 1 - Plowing the first furrow.
Image Preview A6 PDF Document 2 - "Homesteader, Sidney Richards, describes breaking the land."
Image Preview R-B3630 Photograph 3 - Breaking the land with a team of four oxen.
Image Preview R-A5577 Photograph 4 - Neighbours helping neighbours during a bee to break the land.
Image Preview R-B3375 Photograph 5 - In a Doukhobor community several teams of oxen were used to break the land in the Swan River Valley area.
Image Preview R-A6145 Photograph 6 - "In the Parkland belt, the soil was often easier to break."
Image Preview R-B1913 Photograph 7 - Land-packers were used after the land was turned.
Image Preview R-A4423-2 Photograph 8 - The use of a tractor-drawn gang plow made a big difference in breaking the land.
Image Preview R-A4425-1 Photograph 9 - Steam tractors made the task of turning the sod much easier.
Image Preview R-B329 Photograph 10 - A pair of steam tractors turning the sod near Weyburn.
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