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Agriculture - Extreme Weather
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A dust storm over the prairies.

"While the wide open prairie provided opportunities for the homesteaders, it also posed a threat. The prairie landscape was an ideal environment for the extremes of weather. Early settlers soon learned that anything could happen at any time of the year. The severe weather had serious consequences for life and property."

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Dust Storms

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Image Preview S-A295 Photograph 1 - A dust storm over the prairies.
Image Preview R-A9695 Photograph 2 - A poor crop of wheat.
Image Preview R-A2727 Photograph 3 - "Following a drought in the Vanguard district, these settlers headed north via covered wagons."
Image Preview R-A19449 Photograph 4 - High water made it more difficult to get machinery through the sloughs.
Image Preview R-A27880 Photograph 5 - The Lumsden flood of 1904.
Image Preview R-A2260-2 Photograph 6 - A grain wagon bogged down on a muddy road in front of the elevator.
Image Preview VT R273.1 Part 6 Video 7 - "The Face of Saskatchewan - Wind, Drought and Weather"
Image Preview R-A20640 Photograph 8 - Following a hailstorm in Raymore, the street was covered in hailstones. These types of hailstorms could ruin a crop.
Image Preview R-B7262 Photograph 9 - "Three horses, harnessed to a disc, were killed by lightning near Allan."
Image Preview R-B7495-21 Photograph 10 - A prairie fire.
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