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"Situated on the open prairie, this farm yard represented what many looked like before wind breaks and trees were planted."

"The farm yards that sprang up on the original quarter sections of land were as varied as the homesteaders who moved into Saskatchewan. While some never developed past being a shack, others represented the prosperity that many settlers found."

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Farm Buildings; Tugaske District

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Image Preview R-B7793a Photograph 1 - "In the forest fringe areas of Saskatchewan, trees provided some protection for the farm yard."
Image Preview R-A8626-4 Photograph 2 - "For some homesteaders, in particular bachelors, the farm yards were very basic."
Image Preview R-B1893 Photograph 3 - "In the Lipton district a two storey house was attached to the barn, resulting in a compact farm yard."
Image Preview R-A9705 Photograph 4 - The houses and farm yards often reflected the cultural background of the settlers.
Image Preview R-B130-1 Photograph 5 - A simple frame house on the prairie was the centre piece for this farm yard.
Image Preview R-B12989 Photograph 6 - "With a straw-roofed barn, wood for the winter, hay stacks, and stooks of wheat this farm yard had everything a homestea
Image Preview R-B294-2 Photograph 7 - "Situated on the open prairie, this farm yard represented what many looked like before wind breaks and trees were plante
Image Preview R-A23521 Photograph 8 - "With a brick exterior, porch, and gambrel-roofed barn, this farm yard was a little more substantial than some."
Image Preview R-A9113 Photograph 9 - Many farm yards contained the original homestead house plus a more recent home.
Image Preview R-B3504-1 Photograph 10 - "A large three-storied brick house, sheds, and barns surrounded by a good crop during harvest."
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