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Sowing wheat using a seed drill pulled by a team of mules.

"Farming a homestead involved many different tasks that needed to be done all year round. Much of it was labour intensive and involved a great deal of power supplied by horses, mules, or oxen. Later on, tractors began to provide the assistance that farmers needed. Whether it was seeding, discing, haying, or summerfallowing the work was long and difficult."

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Seeding; Mules; Agricultural Machinery

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Image Preview R-A351 Photograph 1 - Sowing wheat using a seed drill pulled by a team of mules.
Image Preview R-A113 Photograph 2 - Seeding with a horse-drawn seed drill.
Image Preview R-A8809-5 Photograph 3 - Filling the seeder-box of a horse-drawn seed drill.
Image Preview R-A125 Photograph 4 - "With an endless prairie sky as a backdrop, two men examine a seed drill."
Image Preview R-A112 Photograph 5 - "Using two teams of horses, these farmers tackle the discing on a farm in the Govan district."
Image Preview R-A2641 Photograph 6 - Discing on rough land near Semans with a team of six horses.
Image Preview R-A108 Photograph 7 - A steam tractor pulling a plow and disc in the Oxbow district.
Image Preview R-B12923 Photograph 8 - A McCormick Deering tractor pulling a disc harrow.
Image Preview R-A2741 Photograph 9 - An improvised harrow in the Twelve Mile Lake area.
Image Preview R-A127 Photograph 10 - Teams of horses in the Oxbow district pull mowing machines to cut the hay.
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