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"The railway took the grain directly to the terminals, where ships were waiting."

Getting the harvested wheat and other crops to market was a major undertaking for the homesteader. Many different people and organizations were involved in the marketing of Saskatchewan grain. For the farmer the important thing was to get a fair price and make a decent living.

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Ships; Grain Transportation

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Image Preview R-A15100 Photograph 1 - Threshing beside the barn allowed the straw to go directly into the barn loft and the grain into a wagon that could be t
Image Preview R-A506 Photograph 2 - "Before elevators were built in the Mankota area, grain was stored in open bins."
Image Preview R-A3905 Photograph 3 - Most farmers had granaries to store the grain until the elevators could accept the wheat.
Image Preview R-A1088 Photograph 4 - Grain wagons took the wheat and other crops to the rail line.
Image Preview R-A15067-1 Photograph 5 - "In some cases, grain was loaded directly into rail cars from the platform."
Image Preview R-A15067-3 Photograph 6 - Loading grain over the platform by means of a portable grain loader run by a tractor.
Image Preview R-A25254-1 Photograph 7 - A large gas tractor could haul several wagon-loads of grain to the elevator.
Image Preview R-A19742 Photograph 8 - Unloading grain into the elevator at Vonda.
Image Preview R-B7495-15 Photograph 9 - Once farmers had brought the grain to the elevators it was then transferred into box cars for shipping to the ports.
Image Preview S-B3109 Photograph 10 - Long trains took the grain to shipping terminals at Thunder Bay - at the time called Port Arthur and Fort William.
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