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Agriculture - Horses
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Showing a horse in Prince Albert.

"During the settlement years from 1870 to 1930, horses played a major role in agriculture and in the lives of the settlers. Whether it was for work, show, or pleasure there were many types of horses on Saskatchewan farms. By the late 1920s tractors were displacing horses."

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Horses; Livery Barns; Prince Albert

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Image Preview R-A1580-3 Photograph 1 - Showing a horse in Prince Albert.
Image Preview R-B1285 Photograph 2 - A prize-winning Belgian stallion in Kerrobert.
Image Preview R-B3297 Photograph 3 - A young Clydesdale stallion.
Image Preview R-A4116 Photograph 4 - A champion hackney stallion from the Marcelin area.
Image Preview R-A132-5 Photograph 5 - Work horses in front of a farmer's barn.
Image Preview R-A4479-2 Photograph 6 - The buying and selling of horses took place at sale stables such as these in Shellbrook.
Image Preview R-A1726 Photograph 7 - Horses had to be cared for. In this photograph a sick horse was held up by a hoist.
Image Preview R-A132-2 Photograph 8 - Horses at work in the field.
Image Preview R-A3401 Photograph 9 - A team of four horses pulling a binder.
Image Preview R-A20353 Photograph 10 - "By 1925 tractors had become more common, but there were still a few farmers using large teams of horses to summerfallow
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