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Agriculture - Introduction
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A threshing outfit and crew on a farm south of Wauchope.

Saskatchewan’s role as one of the world’s greatest wheat producing regions developed between 1870 and 1930. While the open prairie and soils were favourable to large scale wheat production there were several difficulties that had to be surmounted before settlement and agriculture took off. The unpredictable climate played havoc with the harvest while the distances to market affected the farmers’ profits.

Through hard work the homesteaders turned the prairie landscape into the ‘bread basket of the world’. The development of Marquis wheat in the early 1900s’ solved one of the key climatic problems facing farmers. Since Marquis wheat matured earlier there was now a greater chance of getting the crop harvested before the first frost. The regulation of freight rates through the Crow’s Nest Pass Agreement and the establishment of an efficient grain handling system helped to solve the marketing problem. The issues around marketing were further advanced when agricultural organizations formed to put more of the profit into the pockets of farmers.

Agriculture was, and is, the heart and soul of Saskatchewan. The photographs, documents, audio, and video files in this section capture the essence of what made Saskatchewan the province it is today.

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Harvesting; Wauchope District

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Image Preview R-A12371 Photograph 1 - A threshing outfit and crew on a farm south of Wauchope.
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