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Agriculture - Plows and Plowing
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The second type of plow used in the Zelma district.

"Homesteaders would need several different types of equipment and machines, but it was perhaps the plow that held the most meaning. Each year, with a sense of optimism, it was the plow that would get the growing season started. There were several varieties of plows for specialized tasks and different soil conditions."

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Plows and Plowing; Zelma District

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Image Preview R-A794-1 Photograph 1 - The second type of plow used in the Zelma district.
Image Preview R-A5601 Photograph 2 - In the Carievale district, a farmer posed in his Sunday best to illustrate his plowing technique behind a team of oxen.
Image Preview R-A8232-1 Photograph 3 - Ukrainians plowing with oxen in the St. Julien district.
Image Preview R-A8232-2 Photograph 4 - A Ukrainian immigrant using a team of oxen to plow a field in the St. Julien district.
Image Preview R-B1964 Photograph 5 - Doukhobor women plowing in the Kamsack district.
Image Preview R-A8809-3 Photograph 6 - Using a single-furrow walking plow behind a team of horses.
Image Preview R-A4427-1 Photograph 7 - A walking plow at work on the Boro Green estate near Shellbrook.
Image Preview R-B1943 Photograph 8 - Plowing with a sulky plow pulled by four horses
Image Preview R-B315 Photograph 9 - Several four horse teams speeded up the plowing process on this farm near Craik.
Image Preview R-A107-1 Photograph 10 - "As tractors became more common, the days of horses and tractors working together were numbered."
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