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A typical stook of prairie wheat.

It was perhaps, the stook of prairie wheat that came to symbolize the entire settlement experience. It, more than anything else, illustrated the potential abundance plus the hard work involved with bringing in the harvest.

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Stooks and Stooking

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Image Preview R-B7495-22 Photograph 1 - A typical stook of prairie wheat.
Image Preview R-A15121-1 Photograph 2 - A great deal of hard work went into stooking.
Image Preview R-A6574 Photograph 3 - Contemporary postcards painted a somewhat more idyllic version of stooking.
Image Preview R-B8853-1 Photograph 4 - In the Lorlie district, this farmer had a field of stooks to survey.
Image Preview R-B4590 Photograph 5 - The end result was a field of stooks as far as the eye could see.
Image Preview R-A115-1 Photograph 6 - Horses and men worked together to cut and stook the grain.
Image Preview R-A2673 Photograph 7 - Cutting and stooking the grain on a farm run by the Regina Industrial School.
Image Preview R-A8809-2 Photograph 8 - "It was a two person operation, with horses, to cut and stook the grain."
Image Preview R-B8853-2 Photograph 9 - A typical harvest scene - cutting and stooking.
Image Preview R-A4972 Photograph 10 - The Caulfield stooker took some of the labour out of the task.
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