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Agriculture - Swathing and Combining
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An early reaper pulled by a team of horses.

"The most important operation during the harvest season was the cutting and later combining of the crop. It was essential to time it just right and to use all the necessary resources to get the crop in the bin. During the first 60 years of the settlement experience, technology changed from horse drawn reapers to combines, but the goal of getting the grain into the bin remained the same."

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Harvesting Machinery

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Image Preview R-A3733 Photograph 1 - An early reaper pulled by a team of horses.
Image Preview R-A6146-1 Photograph 2 - Using a narrow mower pulled by horses to cut a heavy crop.
Image Preview R-A6575 Photograph 3 - This contemporary postcard illustrated a harvest scene as a binder worked on a field of wheat.
Image Preview R-B1668 Photograph 4 - A 6 ft binder helped this farmer get his first crop off near Prince Albert.
Image Preview R-B3028 Photograph 5 - In the St. Luke district a team of horses pulled a binder to cut a heavy crop.
Image Preview R-B9153 Photograph 6 - "Two binders and teams of horses, busy at work on a farm during harvest."
Image Preview Chamber Of Commerce Album-46 Photograph 7 - A group of binders at work.
Image Preview R-A15147-2 Photograph 8 - "Near Kindersley, this farmer used a push harvester/binder with a team of 4 horses."
Image Preview R-A121-1 Photograph 9 - A field of oats being cut in the Snipe Lake district.
Image Preview R-A2868 Photograph 10 - Harvesting with a barge near Luseland.
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