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Agriculture - The Land
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R- A7770-2
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The Anderson ranch near Fort Walsh in the Cypress Hills.

"When people think of ranching in Saskatchewan, this is an image that quite often comes to mind. The vast grasslands in the Southwest were open range land until the devastating winter of 1906/07. After 1907 large scale ranching operations pulled back and homesteaders moved in to break the land. Small scale ranching operations continued, but the days of the open range and unfenced grassland would not return."

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R- A7770-2
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Ranches; Cypress Hills

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Image Preview R- A7770-2 Photograph 1 - The Anderson ranch near Fort Walsh in the Cypress Hills.
Image Preview R-A52 Photograph 2 - The Oxarat ranch near Maple Creek was started by a French immigrant by the name of Oxarat in the 1880's.
Image Preview R-A7771-1 Photograph 3 - The J.A. Gaff ranch on Battle Creek. Open rangeland stretched to the horizon.
Image Preview R-A6686 Photograph 4 - Sheep ranches were also established in the Maple Creek area.
Image Preview R-A6811 Photograph 5 - The Z-X ranch with Eastend in the background.
Image Preview VT R-273.1 Part 4 Video 6 - The Face of Saskatchewan - Recollections of an Early Rancher
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