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Roping cattle for branding on the Horace Greeley ranch near Maple Creek.

"The life of a cowboy and the work they did has often been romanticized. In reality it was long hours of often dangerous work. Herding the cattle on the range, driving them to the railhead, roundups, branding, and breaking horses were all part of the job."

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Cattle; Ranches and Ranching

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Image Preview R-A354 Photograph 01 - Herding beef cattle on the range.
Image Preview Clippings PDF Document 02 - A list of the first grazing leases given out in Saskatchewan - late 1880's.
Image Preview R-B12487 Photograph 03 - "Cattle, horses, and sheep were all rounded up for market day in Whitewood."
Image Preview R-A510-1 Photograph 04 - The cattle were driven through Mankota to the railway for loading.
Image Preview R-A510-3 Photograph 05 - "To find good grazing during a drought, cattle were loaded at Mankota and sent north via railway."
Image Preview R-B9133-1 Photograph 06 - Corralling a small herd of cattle for branding.
Image Preview R-B9139-2 Photograph 07 - Roping cattle for branding on the Horace Greeley ranch near Maple Creek.
Image Preview Pamphlets PDF Document 08 - In 1878 regulations were passed setting out the procedures to follow when branding cattle.
Image Preview Ag.17 PDF Document 09 - Sample pages from the 1912 brand book.
Image Preview R-B9140 Photograph 10 - Two men hold a cow while a third brands it.
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