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Agriculture - The Workers
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A threshing crew in the Traymor district during the harvest of 1895.

"From the beginning of settlement the need for labour was a constant concern for homesteaders. While it was individual families who claimed a homestead and broke the land, at harvest time it was a different story. With a short window of good weather it was always a rush to get the crop off and thousands of workers were needed to help."

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Harvesting; Farm Labourers; Traymor District

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Image Preview R-A16650 Photograph 1 - A threshing crew in the Traymor district during the harvest of 1895.
Image Preview R-A4635 Photograph 2 - Bunkhouses and meals were supplied for the workers.
Image Preview M12 File II.44 PDF Document 3 - Letters to Agriculture Minister Motherwell enquiring about work during the harvest.
Image Preview R-A4553-1 Photograph 4 - A harvest crew eating lunch in the field.
Image Preview R-A4847 Photograph 5 - In the Indian Head district a threshing crew pauses for a picture.
Image Preview R-B8853-3 Photograph 6 - With the look of a winning team, a threshing crew took a break to pose in front of their harvesting machinery.
Image Preview R-A19745 Photograph 7 - "Near Vonda in 1914, a group of harvest workers posed on a hay wagon."
Image Preview R-A4422 Photograph 8 - A portable caboose was used to house and feed the farm workers.
Image Preview R-A27652 Photograph 9 - "By the 1920's mechanization was more common on the farm, but farm workers were still needed."
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