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Agriculture - Threshing
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A threshing outfit and crew on a farm south of Wauchope.

"Threshing machines were perhaps the key agricultural development that allowed large scale farming on the prairie. While threshing was labour intensive, it did allow for large amounts of grain to be harvested. This in turn helped to make Saskatchewan the 'bread basket of the world'."

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Harvesting; Wauchope District

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Image Preview R-A12371 Photograph 1 - A threshing outfit and crew on a farm south of Wauchope.
Image Preview R-B865 Photograph 2 - This is thought to be the first Saskatchewan-owned threshing outfit.
Image Preview R-B4078 Photograph 3 - A Minneapolis threshing machine at work in the field.
Image Preview R-A7552 Photograph 4 - Steam powered machinery was employed relatively early on in the settlement experience. It still took a large crew to ru
Image Preview R-A117-6 Photograph 5 - A typical threshing scene.
Image Preview R-A3657 Photograph 6 - "Harvesting on a farm near Yorkton. Steam tractors, water tanks, separators, and racks are all in use."
Image Preview R-A6171 Photograph 7 - Threshing with a Battlecreek advance engine and separator on a farm in the St. Luke district.
Image Preview R-A7711 Photograph 8 - Souvenir postcards were produced during the time to illustrate machinery doing the work and a bountiful harvest.
Image Preview R-A15126 Photograph 9 - A more sophisticated threshing machine at work.
Image Preview R-A15131 Photograph 10 - "In the Harptree district, men fed wheat sheaves into the thresher, grain was sent into a granary, and straw was blown i
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