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Starting a wheel-barrow race outside the McColl school.

"The school activities that took place outside of the classroom were quite often just as important to the students. While they could learn English, history, math, and science from their teachers, they could also learn many other valuable skills from sports days, school gardens, school plays, and just having fun during recess."

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Mccoll School District; School Children; Games

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Image Preview R-A425-2(i) Photograph 01 - School sports days were almost a right of spring at rural schools. These special days were for the community as well as
Image Preview R-A426-1 Photograph 02 - The Wroxton district school sports day.
Image Preview R-A2115 Photograph 03 - Planting strawberries in the school garden at Edam.
Image Preview R-B285-2 Photograph 04 - Working in the garden at the Edam school.
Image Preview R-A478-2 Photograph 05 - School children proudly display the results of their labour in the school garden.
Image Preview R-A2133 Photograph 06 - Harvesting the potato crop from the school garden. Each hill was weighed and records were kept.
Image Preview R-A24392 Photograph 07 - Grade three and four students from Regina perform a school play about cobblers. (Note the shoe each is holding)
Image Preview R-A19892 Photograph 08 - Students from College Mathieu in Gravelbourg are dressed in costume for a school play.
Image Preview R-A20095 Photograph 09 - The Christmas concert was often the highlight of the year for many schools.
Image Preview R-A20206 Photograph 10 - Recess time at the Star school was a time to play on the log teeter totter.
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