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Education - Introduction
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School children at a rural Saskatchewan school.

The one room school house with a mix of eager students is an endearing symbol of the settlement experience. From the very beginning of settlement, the policy makers realized the importance of education and set aside portions of each township to support the building of schools. The population rapidly increased after the 1890s and so did the need for schools and teachers. Just as there was a push to attract new immigrants, there was also a concerted effort to attract and train qualified teachers.

With the government’s immigration policy attracting large numbers of non-English speaking people, the Department of Education undertook as it's mandate to ‘Canadianize’ the students. Programs and curriculum were designed to integrate them into mainstream Canadian society. This was also achieved through organizations such as the Boy Scouts.

The University of Saskatchewan was created in 1909 and played a major role in advanced education and research. Many of the agricultural developments that assisted the homesteaders occurred at the College of Agriculture.

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School Children; Rural Schools

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Image Preview R-A428-1 Photograph 01 - School children at a rural Saskatchewan school.
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