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A rural school in Saskatchewan.

The Dominion Lands Act set aside school land within each township. As the homesteaders flooded into the prairies these lands would be used to build one room school houses. It was these schools that were used to meet the educational needs of the immigrant children. The rural schools formed the backbone of the Saskatchewan education system for many years. The 'surveying' section under 'Steps to A Homestead' has more information about the lands set aside for schools.

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Schools; Neidpath School District

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Image Preview R-A428-4 Photograph 01 - A rural school in Saskatchewan.
Image Preview R-B157-1 Photograph 02 - "Coldridge school and students, near Oxbow."
Image Preview R-A428-17 Photograph 03 - The Slawa districts’ school and teacherage.
Image Preview R-A12048 Photograph 04 - The first school house built in the Yorkton area.
Image Preview R-B795-1 Photograph 05 - The school at Inglewood was built of fieldstone.
Image Preview R-B803 Photograph 06 - A small rural school with children in front.
Image Preview R-B1063 Photograph 07 - A fieldstone school house and the measurements that the Department of Education used for building other schools.
Image Preview R-A243-8 Photograph 08 - A larger rural school located south of Melfort.
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