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Labour and Economic Growth - Forestry
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River drives were held during spring and summer to get the logs to a mill.

The rapid population growth on the southern prairie meant that the new farms and towns needed a constant supply of wood. With two thirds of Saskatchewan covered in forests the supply was relatively close. The work of getting the logs to the mills was long and difficult. Many homesteaders spent their winters in the logging camps trying to make extra income for the farm.

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Lumber and Lumbering

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Image Preview R-B1700 Photograph 01 - North of Prince Albert the extreme cold of winter (-35) did not stop these loggers.
Image Preview R-B1698 Photograph 02 - Loggers eat their lunch on site while taking a break from their work.
Image Preview R-B10113 Photograph 03 - The logs were hauled out of the bush by horses and sledges.
Image Preview R-B310 Photograph 04 - River drives were held during spring and summer to get the logs to a mill.
Image Preview R-B415 Photograph 05 - The logs were gathered at a 'landing camp'.
Image Preview R-B1691 Photograph 06 - Logging camps provided the loggers with meals and a place to sleep after their long hours of work.
Image Preview R-B333 Photograph 07 - Some camps had to be portable to accommodate the needs of the men working the Red Deer River drive of 1917
Image Preview R-A1783 Photograph 08 - The cooks at a lumber camp.
Image Preview R-B1695 Photograph 09 - Preparing another meal for the loggers in the cook house.
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