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Labour and Economic Growth - Railway Work
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ca 1906

"On a line near Lumsden, the rail gang paused for a picture."

"As Prime Minister Macdonald had predicted, the growth of railways on the prairies had encouraged homesteaders to settle in Saskatchewan. The rapid expansion of the railways required large numbers of workers. Many recent immigrants would find their first job laying track through land that very well could be the site of their homestead. "

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Railway Employees; Lumsden

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Image Preview R-A1738 Photograph - Repairing the track near Prince Albert.
Image Preview R-B375 Photograph - "On a line near Lumsden, the rail gang paused for a picture."
Image Preview S-B7126 Photograph - A section gang at work on a rail line in north-eastern Saskatchewan.
Image Preview S-B7127 Photograph - A section man used a jigger to check the line in north-eastern Saskatchewan.
Image Preview R-A10342-1 Photograph - "A section gang, consisting of Italian immigrants, work on a line near Regina."
Image Preview R-A10342-4 Photograph - Italian immigrants work on a section gang to repair some track in rural Saskatchewan.
Image Preview R-A1789 Photograph - Rustic accommodations and cook cars were provided for the railway employees.
Image Preview Rice Studio Album-44 Photograph - Construction of railway facilities in the cities provided work for many recent immigrants.
Image Preview R-A1600-2 Photograph - In addition to the workers who built and maintained the track there were many others working for the railways as enginee
Image Preview R-A15555 Photograph - A train crew beside their locomotive in Kerrobert.
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