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Life on the Prairies - Children
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'Helping' dad assemble a Massey Harris binder.

Children were of course, a major part of the settlement experience. They, along with their parents, went through many different experiences. While work was always present for the children there was also time for play and to just enjoy the prairie landscape. As you examine these images think about the changes that have occurred between then and now.

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Children; Clothing and Dress; Binders

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Image Preview R-B10240 Photograph 1 - 'Helping' dad assemble a Massey Harris binder.
Image Preview R-A23877-1 Photograph 2 - Children and prosperity on the farm.
Image Preview R-A115-1 Photograph 3 - "During harvest, children pose with the stooks."
Image Preview R-A492-1 Photograph 4 - Children play in the 'front yard' of a sod house in the Mankota district.
Image Preview R-B1926 Photograph 5 - "Two young girls, in the Wide Awake district near Indian Head, hold the horses while their parents look on."
Image Preview R-A14584 Photograph 6 - Children in the living room of a Tyvan area home.
Image Preview R-A1706 Photograph 7 - A family snap shot on the train station platform.
Image Preview R-B3375 Photograph 8 - A Doukhobor child helps to plow the land near the Swan River Valley.
Image Preview R-B11439 Photograph 9 - Three small children feed the chickens.
Image Preview R-B8896 Photograph 10 - Children pose in front of Denys Bergot's first home at St. Brieux.
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