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Life on the Prairies - Community Events
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A picnic at the Old Crossing on Wascana creek near Regina.

Community events were an important part of life on the prairies. With people from around the world facing similar hardships in an often lonely landscape any opportunity for a social gathering was welcomed.

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Picnics; Regina

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Image Preview R-B5 Photograph 1 - A picnic at the Old Crossing on Wascana creek near Regina.
Image Preview R-B10421 Photograph 2 - This group of people gathered for a picnic at St. John's College Farm in Qu'Appelle.
Image Preview R-B11866 Photograph 3 - "Churches played in important community role. They held picnics such as this one by the Parklands Presbyterian Church, n
Image Preview R-A1252 Photograph 4 - A small gathering of friends in a farmyard near Prince Albert. Informal get-togethers were just as popular as picnics o
Image Preview R-B3034 Photograph 5 - A small picnic at Round Lake.
Image Preview R-A1579-1 Photograph 6 - A family picnic in the forest near Prince Albert.
Image Preview R-A19746 Photograph 7 - In the Vonda district a picnic also meant an opportunity to dress in your 'Sunday' best.
Image Preview R-B387 Photograph 8 - "Watertown, a summer resort at the north end of Last Mountain Lake, was a popular destination for picnickers and those s
Image Preview R-B1008a Photograph 9 - "In an age when owning an automobile was still rare, these Ford car owners gathered for a picnic at Lenora Lake."
Image Preview R-B1461 Photograph 10 - The refreshment stand at a church picnic.
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