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Life on the Prairies - Cooperative Spirit
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A barn raising bee on a farm in the Cottonwood district, north of Pense.

Saskatchewan's location and environment led to a strong cooperative spirit in the province. When faced with adverse conditions and hardships it was often neighbours helping each other out that got the job done. When the problems were external and farmers wanted a bigger say in the agricultural sector it led to the formation of organizations such as the Wheat Pool and the Grain Growers Association. These two components of the cooperative spirit had a profound impact on the province and the people.

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Barns; Construction; Bees; Pense

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Image Preview R-B12988 Photograph 1 - A barn raising bee on a farm in the Cottonwood district, north of Pense.
Image Preview R-A1086 Photograph 2 - Plowing for a sick neighbour.
Image Preview R-A5577 Photograph 3 - A bee of neighbours using oxen and horses to break the land.
Image Preview R-B4645 Photograph 4 - At a 'sodding bee', farmers built a sod stable for a neighbour in the Tullisville area.
Image Preview R-A19419 Photograph 5 - Cartoon entitled 'Clearing the Right of Way'. The goal of the Wheat Pool was to bypass speculators and use cooperative
Image Preview R-B4195 Photograph 6 - Delegates to the 13th annual convention of the Saskatchewan Grain Growers' Association in Moose Jaw.
Image Preview R-A15298 Photograph 7 - A transfer used on car windows to advertise the benefits of cooperation. Created by the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool.
Image Preview R-A15033-2 Photograph 8 - The Saskatchewan Wheat Pool display at the Regina exhibition.
Image Preview R-B7756 Photograph 9 - Radio station CJBRs' receiver had the phrase ‘cooperation justified by results' inscribed on it.
Image Preview R-A15029-1 Photograph 10 - The Saskatchewan Wheat Pool rest and information tent at the Weyburn fair.
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