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Life on the Prairies - Early Shelters
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Early settlers on the Waterhen Lake project stand in front of their tent.

While the sod house has become a symbol for the early prairie settlers, there were many other methods used to seek shelter. The style of shelter ranged from caves and tents to stone houses.

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Tents; Waterhen Lake Project; Irrigation

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Image Preview R-A1979 Photograph 1 - Early settlers on the Waterhen Lake project stand in front of their tent.
Image Preview R-A21077 Photograph 2 - Life inside the tent was a little crowded.
Image Preview R-A19713-3 Photograph 3 - Settlers arriving at Auvergne, near Ponteix.
Image Preview R-A2016 Photograph 4 - A settler’s camp and 'home' just outside of Saskatoon.
Image Preview R-A2292 Photograph 5 - This settler created a shelter by digging a cave into the hillside. He lived in it for three years while proving up the
Image Preview R-A14519 Photograph 6 - Part of this sod shack was built underground.
Image Preview R-B1410-10 Photograph 7 - A tar paper shack on the prairie.
Image Preview R-1109 File 6 PDF Document 8 - This advertisement from Lang & Chambers' illustrated a semi-ready home settlers could purchase and assemble on their lan
Image Preview R-A25859 Photograph 9 - Early homes could be recycled as stables.
Image Preview R-B1410-5 Photograph 10 - Partially underground, this style of home was very warm in the winter.
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